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Organizations accumulate and store massive amounts of data that is critical for operating the business. If this data is linked together into comprehensive reports, it offers invaluable business insight. When decision makers have access to linked, integrated information at the moment they need it, they can respond to change quickly and make decisions that drive business performance and optimization.

Unfortunately, many companies collect and store their data in multiple, disparate sources. Data is not always easily accessible and storing reports in different systems means there is no enterprise view of the data. Any comprehensive analysis is often assembled by hand in a spreadsheet. In addition, companies in this situation are usually maintaining multiple copies of data, leading to confusion about which data is accurate and official.

Turning your critical data into meaningful information often involves business and technical complexities that are labor- and time-intensive. Implementing a data warehouse for business intelligence requires careful planning and development.

Pradi's Business Intelligence (BI) Practice has strong focus in providing services in implementing end to end BI solutions with varied technologies in ETL, Reporting and Analytics. Our team has rich experience in wide range of technology skills such as Informatica, IBM Data Stage, SAP Business Objects/ BOBJ, Cognos and SAS.